Overview: For centuries, Central Asia was known as the heart of the Silk Road. This luxuriant fabric was handcrafted in China and then traded along an ancient route that now bears its name. Northern Afghanistan was once a key part of this trade route as silk textiles made their way to the markets of Europe. But things have changed. Although once a vital part of Afghanistan’s economy, silk has now become a lost art. By revitalizing this ancient trade, Noshaq hopes to open up new potential for Afghanistan’s products.


Overview: Goats play a central role in Afghanistan’s economy. They provide wool for clothes and rugs, milk for ghee and yogurt, and hearty meat for dinner. But few Afghans realize that the Cashmere goats already roaming their hillsides possess a product with valuable export potential: cashmere wool. Cashmere is sourced from the soft, undercoat fibers of the Cashmere goat, distinguishing itself from the coarser quality of ordinary wool. Furthermore, it is a world-renowned product popular among luxury shoppers in Europe and the United States. When we see cashmere, we see unrealized potential.

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textile |ˈtekˌstīl|: a type of cloth or woven fabric.

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