Oct 2011

Noshaq Explores Projects for Afghan Women

In rural Afghanistan, women live in obscurity. Enshrouded by flowing veils and walls of cultural oppression, they live out their lives in anonymity, far away from the public eye. But their elusive existence matters. Behind every formless burqa is a genuine human being: a lonely girl longing for friendship and opportunity; a widow grieving the loss of her husband slaughtered in the war; a pregnant wife worrying about her baby’s future. And to ignore their presence is to shun 50% of Afghanistan’s precious people.

Afghan women are, and always will be, a crucial part of their country’s economy. Behind high walls and closed doors they faithfully raise kids, keep house, till gardens, and watch over livestock day after day after endless day. Their tenacious spirit keeps communities humming and villages running. Yet they do all this with little recognition or appreciation.

At Noshaq, we feel the time has come to say thank you to these invisible heros. This fall, we began to research project options that provide economic opportunity to women. Our goal is to train women in a trade or skill that they can market in their local economy. But it’s not enough to merely learn a trade. To be truly successful, they must also learn how to successfully market their products in Afghanistan’s centers of commerce. This will require financial literacy training that will prepare them to be successful business owners in their communities.

The first project in sight is a training program to teach women the trade of sewing and embroidery. This training will be fused with financial literacy workshops to teach these women how to benefit economically from their newly acquired skills. We’ve already gained the support of local government officials for this exciting project and are collecting the necessary data for funding proposals. As we gather more details on this project, we’ll do our best to keep you informed.

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