May 2009

501(c)3 Status Applied For

When you give donations to our organization, we want to make sure that you can count them as tax-deductible. That way, you’re helping us AND giving yourself a tax break. The process for receiving this status, called 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service, is a prolonged one, but we feel that the benefits of receiving this status are worth the effort. After lots of writing and revising, we mailed off our 60+ page application to the IRS. Professional estimates tell us that we can expect to receive 501(c)3 status about 6-8 months from now.

The IRS will be mailing us a letter confirming their receipt of our application within the next couple of months. Although this letter does not assign us 501(c)3 status, it does allow us to give tax-deductible receipts to our donors with the understanding that a final ruling on our status has not yet been issued by the IRS. We will be sure to let you know once we receive this letter!

Thanks for your financial support and patience during this process. We’re working hard to make your donations tax-deductible as soon as possible.

Any questions about your donations may be emailed to

New Website

Sure, it’s simple, but it works! We’re happy to finally have a presence on the worldwide web. Spread the word about us and we’ll commit to making this website into what you need it to be. Thanks so much for supporting Noshaq in our beginning phase. Stay tuned for more updates as we develop and expand our projects!
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