Noshaq Performs Market Research in Afghanistan's Urban Centers

At Noshaq, we believe that Afghanistan's products have a significant amount of untapped potential in both local and international markets. In our efforts to better understand local sales venues that exist within Afghanistan, we have begun a market research campaign in the country's urban centers. Detailed surveys are performed individually on significant marketplaces within each city. Information gathered from the surveys includes:
  • Name and location data
  • Infrastructure
  • Congestion levels
  • Consumer demographics (gender, age, ethnicity, economic status, shopping time, etc.)
  • Products available (including %'s and price ranges)
  • Vendor space
Surveying has been completed in Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif and will move to the city of Herat this spring. We're excited about this groundbreaking research and the valuable information will continue to provide us. The data received will be indispensable as we partner with the Afghan people to form small businesses that are both viable and sustainable.

Website Facelift

Those of you who remember our previous website will remember its outdated design and graphics. Starting today, we’ve decided to make that a thing of the past. With a newly designed website, we hope that our organization will be better able to communicate with our valued supporters in a more effective and visually appealing way.

We’ll be adding lots of new material to our website in the next few weeks, so keep checking back! Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

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