A Night in Afghanistan

Afghanistan might be 6,000 miles away, but on April 3, Noshaq brought it much closer. “A Night in Afghanistan”, a culturally-themed banquet held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, gave 160 attendees a taste of Afghan food and culture. A large, converted warehouse was decorated with vibrant hues reminiscent of Central Asia. Local chefs served up authentic Afghan cuisine while soft Persian music paraded in the background. Stunning photographs on canvas, taken by Noshaq’s photographer Alex Niculaescu, were set out for display. And a bazaar, complete with hand-knotted Afghan tribal rugs, embroidered scarves and blankets, and other authentic souvenirs, gave guests a chance to bring a piece of Afghan culture home with them.

But this event was more than an entertaining dinner or cultural event. It was a valuable opportunity for us to share our vision for Afghanistan’s impoverished villages and to raise the support needed to make this vision a reality. And we weren’t disappointed. Dinner guests caught the vision and gave generously, contributing a total of $17,394 to fund a road project in Khermanuk Village.

Here’s a special thank-you to all of the supporters and table sponsors who made this a successful evening. Thanks to your generosity, over 6,000 impoverished villagers in northeastern Afghanistan now have a road -- a pathway to a healthier economy and a brighter future. Their smiles of gratitude say more than we could ever express.

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Elegant place-settings added to the aesthetics of the evening.

Over 160 guests from the community showed up to express their support for Noshaq.

Authentic Afghan products were auctioned off to raise money for projects.

Photographs from Noshaq’s project area were displayed on canvas throughout the banquet area.

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