Afghanistan’s history is a turbulent one filled with war, violence, and bloodshed. Power-hungry empires and tribal conflicts have left the country in a state of almost constant war, with 22 wars fought in a 200 year period alone. These conflicts have shaken the country to its very core, leaving in their wake shattered infrastructure and a heavy human toll.

The country’s constant state of turmoil has left millions of tattered lives in its wake. In our travels to Afghanistan, we’ve seen this tragic narrative first-hand. We’ve seen whole villages that have been razed to the ground by militants. We’ve listened to the stories of those who have lost loved ones in the crossfire. And we’ve glimpsed the shattered infrastructure of a country that has so much potential.

Out of the 195 countries in the world, Afghanistan ranks as one of the most desperate. To illustrate this, we’ve listed some statistics below that compare Afghanistan’s situation with the rest of the world.

World’s Most Dangerous Country
2,412 civilian casualties in 2009
Source: Forbe’s Magazine (2010)

World’s Worst Place to be Born
Source: UNICEF (2009)

World’s Largest Refugee Population
2,887,123 refugees in 2010
Source: UNHCR (2010)

World’s Highest Maternal Mortality Rate
18,000 deaths/year
Source: UNICEF (2010)

World’s 2nd Least Developed Country
Source: United Nations Development Index (2009)

The 4th Most Landmines on Earth
10,000 mines, 10-12 deaths/day
Source: UNICEF (2010)

7th Lowest Life Expectancy on Earth
43.8 years
Source: United Nations Population Division (2010)

World’s 10th Lowest GDP
Source: CIA World Factbook (2010)

In the Top 20 of Lowest Human Rights
Source: Freedom House (2010)

It’s easy to distance ourselves from these problems. Way too easy. But at Noshaq, we refuse to do so. Why? Because every human being deserves a chance at life. Idealistic? Maybe so. But we’re not afraid of idealism, because we believe that big dreams combined with practical action can yield life-changing results.

What we have seen has compelled us to action.
We can’t keep still, and we hope you can’t either. We’re not here to rob you of your money. But if you want to bring light to darkness, hope to despair, and solace to tragedy, now is your chance to act. Dig deep, and feel the joy of serving others.

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