As Noshaq merges into its new world of service, our financial needs abound. We don’t want to bore you with an endless wish list. Rather, we want to share with you specific, tangible areas of need that when filled, will help us to expand our footprint of service as we pursue our objectives more effectively. Ready, set, go!

#1. Agricultural Development (Khermanuk Village)
While we’re waiting to gather funds and supplies for the suspension bridge, we’ll begin to tackle Khermanuk’s agricultural deficit by helping them maximize the productivity of the 12 acres of arable land they already have. Using simple methods that everyone can understand, we’ll be working with villagers to develop improved irrigation and terracing techniques that expand the amount of farmable acreage and increase crop yields.
Estimated Cost: $5,780
Simple improvements in technique will allow Khermanuk villagers to maximize crop yields.

#2: Construction of Suspension Bridge (Khermanuk Village)
Not only is Khermanuk isolated -- it’s also located on the side of a mountain. These conditions make thriving agriculture a dim prospect, with only 30 jerabs (12 acres) of sloped land to grow enough food for 100 families. If Khermanuk is going to improve its agriculture, it is going to need more land.

Across the river that runs below the village is farmable land owned by Village D. Unfortunately, the river is swollen during the growing season, which blocks access to this much-needed land. If villagers could just access this extra acreage, their amount of agricultural land would instantly double, allowing them to increase their crops and better provide for their families.

Noshaq will be constructing a suspension bridge across the river, enabling farmers to grow more crops and setting the stage for future agricultural improvement.
Fundraising Goal: $25,000
The future location of the suspension bridge. Picture taken in the Fall, when the river is at its lowest level.

#3. 4-Wheel-Drive Vehicle
For us, 4WD is not a convenience - it’s a necessity. Our projects focus on villages in the far reaches of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountains, areas often deemed unreachable. We look for rural, isolated communities that have received very little humanitarian attention because of their location. That leaves us with a demanding logistical challenge: getting there. Reaching these places can mean lung-burning hikes up the side of a mountain or multiple-day, brain-jarring drives on tracks of dirt that can barely be called roads. Although numerous villages are only accessible by trail, the drive to the trailhead is a crucial part of the expedition. These trips subject the vehicle to a tremendous amount of stress as it careens over big rocks and gulleys, climbs up steep hills, and plunges through gushing water.
That’s where a strong set of wheels enters the picture. Because Noshaq does not own a vehicle, all transportation must be rented. Rental arrangements are negotiated carefully, but end up being an expensive and often unreliable arrangement. Most of the vehicles available for rent are no match for the roads that we need to travel on.

We can’t emphasize enough our need to own a strong and dependable 4WD vehicle. We’re not looking for frills - just sheer practicality!

Fundraising Goal: $14,000

#4. Field Office Overhead
This isn’t our favorite one to share with you. Anyone who runs a business or organization will grimace when they hear that nasty little word called overhead. It’s what pays the rent, keeps the lights on, and pays the employees. It maintains our baseline operation so that we can focus most of our energy on projects. Paying the bills isn’t exciting or fun, but it is important.
Noshaq operates in rural, out-of-the-way places, and because of this, our overhead expenses can be daunting. In order to operate effectively, we have to run two offices (one in the provincial capital, the other in our project area). We strive to keep overhead expenses as low as possible by minimizing compound comforts and keeping all foreign staff on a volunteer-basis. But expenses still add up. We are looking for people who realize that overhead is just as important as project money. Please consider helping us cover our monthly operating expenses by giving a recurring donating to overhead.

Monthly Fundraising Goal: $1,500

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