We’ve shared our story and our vision for Afghanistan’s future. We’ve shared our project plans and our pictures. We’ve bared our souls and our passions to you, the viewer. And now it’s time for the punchline: we need YOU. As odd as it may sound, you can determine the future of our organization, for without your input and financial support, Noshaq would never be possible.

But your support means much more than your money. It means fostering a global awareness of the world’s heart-wrenching needs. It means having compassion on the disadvantaged. And it means living a life of heartfelt service to humanity. Afghanistan is one of the world’s most needy areas and its story of poverty has captured our heart. But Afghanistan is part of a bigger picture of human need. Whether or not you choose to direct your support towards Noshaq, we hope that your encounter with us has inspired you to live life for others.
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