A Mercedes-Benz; a mansion on a rambling country estate; a bulging wallet; a seven-digit bank balance; the satisfaction of all our earthly desires--these things are what our world commonly perceives as wealth. Yet strangely, those who have already attained material affluence still feel the sting of unfulfillment and the desire for meaning. Even they would agree that true wealth comes from an investment in a life, a cause, and a world.

When I was a younger, I liked to dream big. I envisioned myself as a wealthy businessman, a best-selling author, or a cutting-edge inventor. I wanted to live life, and live it big. But as I grew older, I realized that my moments of greatest happiness and fulfillment didn’t come from cherishing my selfish ambitions -- they came from serving others.

Ever since I chose to dedicate my life to service, I couldn’t have been happier. Why? Because investing in human lives brings back more returns than any bank deposit.

Noshaq is a new organization dedicated to this idea. Afghanistan is where we’ve decided to direct our service projects, and we’re excited about the journey ahead of us. But we need you to join us in this journey. Big ideas can start with one person, but they can only continue as a movement. We need your ideas, encouragement, expertise, and financial support as we move forward.

You and I have a choice to make. We can choose to live an egocentric life of self-service to achieve our dreams of prosperity. Or, we can make a commitment greater than ourselves to bathe our planet with purpose and with hope. Working where we are, one life at a time, we will be connecting links in a web of hope that will create a positive change in hundreds of lives and communities.

Now that’s an investment worth banking on!

Your partner in service,

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