Our organization is driven by a set of core values that compel our organization’s focus and shape our style of service.

It’s the key to change and the heart of what we do. We strive to be friends first, and aid workers second, for without the prerequisite of genuine friendship with the villagers we serve, our work would be utterly meaningless.

Our aim is to foster stronger, more resilient communities which take ownership of their own development challenges. Before any project is undertaken, we spend time listening to each village’s felt needs and perceived solutions to these needs. This information is taken to community brainstorming sessions where projects are decided upon through community consensus.

Aid without sustainability is useless, and even destructive. With this conviction, we strive to develop projects that foster community ownership and financial perpetuity. Any initiative we begin must sustain its benefit into the indefinite future -- long after we’re gone.

We believe that economic empowerment is the very foundation of sustainable development work. Stronger economies allow communities to enhance their own standard of living and as a result, fund their own aid without the harmful crutch of external dependency. Thus, each project we pursue is shaped around our core focus of economic development.

We feel a heavy responsibility to spend each donated dollar frugally. To do otherwise would be hypocritical to you, our faithful supporters, and unjust to the communities we seek to serve. That’s why we’re committed to streamlining our overhead and cutting out unnecessary thrills to ensure the most mileage out of each dollar we spend.

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value |ˈvalyoō|: a person's principles or standards of behavior
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