At Noshaq, we believe that strong, unified leadership is crucial to the effectiveness of any organization. Leaders set the vision, compel the action, and lead the way. The decisions they make often determine the present success and future viability of the organization they help to manage.

We like to think of Noshaq as a team of leaders. No matter what role they play in our organization, our goal is for every participating individual to be a leader by raising the bar of service to new levels. The Afghan staff we hire are carefully referenced and selected for their honesty, proficiency, and dependability.

As a nonprofit corporation, the Board of Directors holds the key leadership role in our organization. By making the crucial decisions that affect our current operation and future strategy, they are the backbone of Noshaq. The Board also assures proper accountability for donated funds. The three officers of our organization (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) are selected from among the Directors.

The task ahead of us isn’t an easy one. The conditions on the ground in Afghanistan are harsh and progress can be slow. But the best way to understand these conditions is to
experience them. The Directors on our Board have done just that.

Each Director was chosen because of a unique set of experiences connecting them to Afghanistan. Like a patchwork quilt, their stories converge to create an indispensable résumé of service. From constructing a hospital to establishing a comprehensive rural health system, directing an eye care facility, and setting up a health clinic, our team knows what it’s like to make a positive difference in Afghanistan.
And we’ve only begun.

We’ve fallen in love with Afghanistan and are passionate about finding creative solutions for a country with so much potential.

If you would like more information about our Board of Directors or our officers, please email us at

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