In the heart of Afghanistan’s rugged Hindu Kush stands a mountain like no other. Its snow-covered, wind-swept summit towers above the valley floor like a sentinel, strong, resilient, and untouched. Mt. Noshaq (pronounced
now-shokh) is Afghanistan’s highest mountain, yet few men have ever climbed it. While much of Afghanistan is being rocked by violence and war, this snowy peak stands unperturbed and unmovable. It is a symbol of hope, an emblem of the Afghan people’s resilience, a sign of what Afghanistan can become.

Our organization chose the name Noshaq because we believe Afghanistan has a future. Although a vicious cycle of conflict has shaken the country to its very foundation, we’re convinced that the Afghan people have the resilience and strength to give their nation a better tomorrow. By forging a partnership of friendship and trust with the villages and communities we seek to help, we’re committed to re-defining what it means to be a humanitarian agency. That’s something you won’t find in the dictionary, either.

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